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Pitchfork Incubator Kitchen supports small scale food entrepreneurs helping them create, launch, and scale successful food an beverage businesses. Pitchfork provides access to shared community kitchen space which reduces expenses and increases your odds for success. Pitchfork also creates community that encourages the sharing of ideas and skills, making everyone better for it.


Pitchfork offers a 1200-square-foot gluten-free commercial kitchen area. A 12-week food business incubator curriculum is available in Fall '19. This application only program offers members educational training on:

  • Food safety
  • Business planning
  • Market development
  • Branding
  • Funding and other areas.

Food businesses accepted into the incubator program receive extensive mentoring. Immersion in an entrepreneurial environment ensures collaboration with industry experts and peers. Support and business referrals to professional services is also available.


It is highly suggested for you to have taken the OSU Advantage Accelerator Iterate Program before applying for this program. We offer this program free of charge at Corvallis Foundry. You can check and enroll for the next session here.


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Pitchfork Incubator Kitchen

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